Saturday, 12 December 2015

Nafasi ya Ajira, Finance Manager Needed, Send Your Application Here

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Generally TMHS Finance Manager is expected to undertake financial responsibilities as far as marketing, accounting, finance management and financial control as concern in his /her suppose to report to her place of work. He/she suppose to report to administration officer of the company all matters concerning his/her duties. 

However specifically he/she supposed to fulfill the following responsibilities;

  • To attend performances and other events as required out of normal office hours.
  • To support the company’s achieve function by archiving relevant marketing materials.
  • To undertake any reasonable duties at the request of the administration
  • To assist with the implementation of the marketing strategy with specific objectives and targets as agreed.
  • To manage and  maintain positive relationships with venue staff and media partners
  • To support the overall marketing objectives of company both externally and internally.
  • To develop promotional opportunities and ideas from conception through to delivery.
  • Reports on campaigns to ensure effective departmental communications.
  • Provide regular information where necessary to assist with the compilation of reports for company.
  • Supply sufficient information to the administration to enable effective budgetary control of specific areas of activity.
  • Take responsibility for specific campaigns as agreed with the administration i.e venue specific campaigns and marketing and promotional events such as arts fest.
  • Maintain liaison with external and internal suppliers, assisting in commissioning and delivery of marketing materials.
  • Provide accurate and creative copy writing and proof reading skills as directed by the administration officer and working to pre-agreed deadline.
  • Ensure that all printed promotional material is distributed effectively throughout company departments and to the company board to include posters and leaflets.
  • To update on companies tool of marketing i.e website and other pages in the internet.
  • Preparing accounts & all financial documents that may be needed by our customers.
  • Managing payroll.
  • Contributing to the development and maintenance of financial systems and processes.
  • Providing advice and information to the administration regarding financial issues.
  • Controlling budgets.
  • Ensuring all financial regulations is adhering to by TMHS.
  • To advice and ensure TMHS tax compliance.
  • To keep and provide whenever required by senior management all financial records.   

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