Friday, 4 December 2015

Nafasi za Kazi Proactive Employment Solution, Apply Here

Post Pharmacy Representative – Sales   

Job Purpose:

  • To sell pharmaceutical products (both Pharma and Consumer) to Pharmacies and Healthcare professionals. Included are other extra roles that may be assigned by the Enterprise Sales Supervisor from time to time eg projects  

Each Enterprise Pharmacy Representative has a set of Objectives (MBOs) w h i c h includes the following:-  

  • Sales volumes Sales values Projects (not all: Selection on merit) 
  • Collection of market information on competitor activities.
  • Institutions to be covered
  • Health Care Providers (HCPs) to be seen.     

Each Enterprise Pharmacy Representative is entitled to Transport Allowance Sells assigned company products to the various medical professionals.

  • Involved in order taking.Operates within assigned selling budgets to ensure overall profitability. 
  • Manages the assigned territory to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Develops relationships with relevant medical professionals to ensure they always stock GSK products.
  • Prospects for new business through geographic expansion.
  • Collects market information on pricing and competitor activities.
  • Provide timely information regarding adverse events (AE) to regulatory department.   


  • Support to the work of others - provide examples of work done that is essential to the work of other parties.  2.  Impact on Market Status - describe the actions that help secure strongly competitive market positions for the     products - typically applicable to sales, marketing and regulatory positions.
  • Line Leadership and Capital Assets).
  • High responsibility both to the teams and company assets.
  • Have to portray the company image in the market.    

Complexity: (Provide examples of decisions made and/or problems solved that require analyzing data or complex issues.)  

  • Working in a very crowded/competitive field with little time for effective customer contact.
  • Working in an environment where untrained generics reps have tainted the title of sales representatives.
  • Working in an environment where sales reps are barred from visiting clinical areas  


  • Excellent selling and communication skills.Territory management skills.
  • Negotiation skills .
  • Presentation skills   

      List the education/training, experiences and skills/competencies.

  • Relevant training, preferably a diploma in biological sciences. Certificate holders are also considered.
  • Minimum of one years’ work experience (however, this is normally reviewed from time to time,depending on company    

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