Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Nafasi za Kazi The Prosperity Group Company Ltd, Application Deadline: 26 Dec 2015

Position Title: Automative Electrical Technician

Location: Moshi, Kilimanjaro

  • Work with computer-controlled engine management systems.
  • Service, identify and repair faults on electronically controlled vehicle systems such as electronic fuel injection, electronic ignition, anti-lock braking, cruise control, automatic transmission, airbags and air conditioning.
  • Install electrical equipment such as gauges, lighting, alternators and starter motors in vehicles.
  • Install electrically operated accessories such as radios, heating or demisting equipment, air conditioners, driving lamps and anti-theft systems
  • Refer to circuit diagrams, and use meters and test instruments to find electrical faults.
  • Adjust engine control systems and timing to ensure vehicles are running at peak performance.
  • Test, recondition and replace faulty alternators, generators, starter motors and related items such as voltage regulators and batteries
  • Repair or replace faulty ignition, electrical wiring, fuses, lamps and switches.
  • Use hand tools, specialised electrical tools, instruments and machines, including drills, grinders, presses and lathes.
  • Install, repair and service air conditioning systems.
  • Order for parts and equipment as necessary.
  • Liaise with agents and manufacturers on problems in order to achieve an efficient repair.
  • Complete all documentation and receipts, including inspection sheets, and applies signatures as appropriate
  • Identify repairs required via unfair wear and tear, and advice the service manager and foreman mechanic
  • Undertake required training(s).
  • Work within a realistic time.


  • Certificate /Diploma in Vehicle Systems Maintenance.
  • Good practical skills; good problem solving skills; and be able to read electrical wiring plans are important skills for this position.
  • Knowlegable in Basic Engine Management Systems, Drivability Diagnostics, Chassis and Computerized Repair System.


Position Title: Front office Sales 

Location: Moshi, Kilimanjaro


  1. Able to build good rapport with the customers  and greet the customers when they enter the office overall building a strong relationship with the customers.
  2. Handle customer requests promptly.
  3. To keep a record on people who have come to the office and maintain records of their queries /feedback.
  4. Calling customers and confirming their appointment.
  5. Organize online and paper files for easy access and quick retrieval.


  • Relevant skills in front office, customer care, sales and marketing.
  • Must be enthusiastic on work and should have a passion to excel in the job, pleasing to all and have good interpersonal and good communication skills.
  • Enough computer skills to schedule appointments or place an order.
  • Fluent in writing and speakin english and swahili.


Position Title: Workshop Supervisor

Location: Moshi, Kilimanjaro

Department: Workshop

The Responsibilities:

  • Ensure a supportive environment and a workplace that challenges, inspires and creates the conditions conducive to learning.

  • Day to day management of workshop staff, participants, volunteers and makers.
  • Assist in the planning, designing and delivering of new products and programmes.
  • Manage quality issues in all aspects of production, workshop operation in line with codes of practice.

  • Oversee production of orders and commissions, and ensure the accurate and timely completion of them in collaboration with volunteers.

  • Provide a well-run and maintained workshop including building maintenance and other issues in relation to the management of the workshop.

  • Establish and implement effective housekeeping and workshop management systems such as stock control.

  • Source and arrange for supply of materials and cost-effective use of materials and equipment in the worfkplace.

  • Establish and maintain clear systems for receipts and dispatch of goods.

  • Supervision of workshop team to ensure repairs and maintenance planning and execution are carried out safely and efficiently.
  • Preparation of monthly workshop & related reports.

  • Ensure staff carry out vehicle repair and maintenance work to pre-determined standards.

  • Complete records for all equipment maintained to ensure the efficiency and accountability of the workshop.

  • Liaising with various departments to ensure efficient allocation of resources and obtaining feedback from sites regarding workshop related activities.

  • Liaise frequently with external contractors / suppliers to ensure the highest possible standards of service are achieved.

  • Managing the workflow, organising and supervising work, and technical diagnosis.


  • Candidate with strong workshop skills.
  • At least one year work experience.
  • Hard working, ethical, excellent time management skills, and creativity to work are attributes we are looking for this position.

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