Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Nafasi za Kazi Kilimo Trust, Application Deadline 1st February, 2016



Kilimo Trust (KT)is a non-profit regional organization contributing to efforts to make the East African Common Market (EACM) work better for wealth cration and elimination of bunger through agriculture. With its HQ in Kampala, KT is contributing to this through regional of incomes, food, and nutrition. KT is one of very few “home-grown” organizations working on agriculture for development at regional level within the Fast African Community (EAC), to support  the transformation of food and nutrition security in the EAC Region away from high risk subsistence faming into lower risk trade-based systems, therefore, KT is a coordinating HUB for regional food markets  development programs designed to build strong consortia of private cooperative and agribusiness operators along each commodity value chain. To enable the following:-

i.    Specialization in production of staples for effectively utilize comparative advantages; and enable smallholder producers to “farm as business” and become competitive.
ii.    A structured national and regional trade in food commodities and products.
iii.    A high proportion of the food commodities transformed to different value-added products preferred by the final consumer.

KT is expanding its portfolio in Tanzania, and thus has vatracies for professionals who are excited about welth creation through agriculture in Tanzania, especially through an effective and efficient utilization of national, regional and global markets. The following vacancies are now open:

KT Vacancy 2016:

1.    Program Officer for the CHIPS project (1 position) reporting to the Program Team Leader
2.    Program Officer for the GARI-TZ project (1 position) reporting to the program Team
3.    Program Assistant for the CHIPS Project (2 positions) reporting to the Program Officers.
4.    Project Accountant for the CHIPS project (1 position) Reporting to the Team leader & Finance & Admin.
5.    Internship Tenure for all the Tanzania Projects (several positions)

Closing Date for applications: 1st February, 2016

Before applying, PLEASE visit at KT, for details about: KT the Requirements for Each Vacancy, and How to apply

Source: Mwananchi 11th January, 2016

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