Monday, 25 January 2016

Nafasi za Kazi Representative Inter. Organization (RIO) Application Deadline; 18 Feb 2016

RIO-Representative Inter. Organization
Application Deadline: 18 Feb 2016


Representative International Organization (RIO),is a worldwide democratic movement working working anonymously to ensure transparency in democratic election by representing the people’s common interest of free and fair election. By observing all the required necessities on Pre-Election Campaign, On Polling event as well as Post-Election events.

With support from International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance, and European Union Sponsored NGOs REPRESENTATIVE Organization is looking for self-motivated youth and intellectuals, competent, positive mindset, as well as knowledgeable Tanzanian nationals to fill the vacancy of Election Observers in Zanzibar Re-election. The election Observers shall observe the election process before the Polling Date, During the Polling Date, and two Month after the polling.

Election Observers who shall work under REPRESENTATIVE International as their accredited organization shall implement the project activities by performing all the duties as illustrated in the job description below and the job contract which they shall sign thereafter. Only the successful applicants shall be contacted for the Basic Project Training which shall be Conducted in Zanzibar after vetting, verification, authentication and certification of their presented job application documents

Project Title

Zanzibar Election Observation and Democratic Support (ZEODS-Project)
Job Title: Election Observer Officers (200 positions)
ACCREDITED Organization: Representative International
Job Location: Polling Stations in Zanzibar
Salary: TZS 3,400,000/= for 3 Month (Basic
Job Type: Special Contract

Position Description

Certificate, diploma and or bachelor in sociology, community development, education, public relation, marketing, economics and business, law and economic development.
Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply
All applicants must have computer knowledge
Fluency in English, both written and spoken
Demonstrated ability to interact with persons from a variety of professional discipline
Superb knowledge of and practical experience with communities in rural and urban areas.
Able to provide strong leadership and representation with staff, donors, partners, European union, NEC Officials and Responsive election executives.
Planning and Organizing: Ability to establish priorities and to plan, organize, coordinate and monitor own work plan and provide advice and guidance to others
Troubleshooting: Ability to proactively solve problems
Teamwork: Excellent interpersonal skills; ability to establish and maintain effective working relations with subordinates and supervisors
Must be 18 years and above
Females are very much encouraged to apply


The observer accredited by REPRESENTATIVE Organization shall personally exercise the following functions:
(a)Observe the polling, sorting and counting of votes, to monitor the fairness of the polling, sorting and counting procedures
(b)Ensure the impartiality of the persons in charge of the polling, sorting and counting of votes, and their commitment to this Act and the regulations, rules and orders made hereunder
(c)Visit the geographical constituencies and polling, sorting and counting centres at any time without previous notice
(d)Attend all stages of the polling, ballot sorting and counting, and particularly be present at the opening and closing of the ballot boxes
(e)Ascertainment of the freedom and fairness of the elections and the secrecy of the polling, and write reports to that effect as shall be specified by the regulations and the rules
(f)Project report writing, presentation and round table discussion, before winding up the project contract

Observation committees and individual observers shall not interfere in any manner in the work of the elections committees or their officials, provided that they may formulate questions verbally or in writing.
Observers shall always abide to the security instructions from the authority, just in case of unrest, violence or chaos.
Observers shall and will remain as neutral as necessary in the process of implementing their assigned activities