Friday, 12 February 2016

Nafasi za Kazi Tetra Tech & Winrock International, Application Deadline 22nd February, 2016



Tetra Tech, through its subsidiary Tetra Tech ARD (http:/, a US-based international development firm is implementing a USAID-funded project "the Tanzania Water Resources Integration Development Initiative(WARIDI) which seeks to achieve improvements in health, water resources management, agriculture, climate change adaptation and the environment in the Wami-Ruvu and Rufiji river basins.

Winrock International (, a US-based international non-profit organization, is a sub-contractor to Tetra Tech on WARIDI and is supporting its implementation. Tetra Tech and Winrock are advertising for the following positions lo be based in the Morogoro and lringa Offices.

All applicants should be Tanzanian citizens and be fluent in Swahili and English.

Some positions are immediate and some will be phased in over the coming 3-4 months. Ability to work in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity and gender are essential requirements.

Job Title: Livelihoods Specialist (2 posts -Morogoro or lringa Office

Experience: The successful candidate should possess a minimum of 5 years' experience working in water, agricultural and private sector income generation projects.
Experience with individual and community capacity building, particularly related to water and agricultural extension, including a strong gender focus is preferred.

Education: University degree, preferably at Masters' level, in rural water, agriculture, rural livelihoods, sociology, or related discipline.

Responsibilities: The Livelihoods Specialist will Work with the local government, communities and other interest groups to identify existing and/or new opportunities for livelihoods development. Supportive activities to introduce these or improve on existing ones and then promote these will consequently be developed and implemented.


Job Title: Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist (1 post) - Morogoro

Experience: Minimum of seven years' experience in performance data systems development and management, data verification, analysis, and reporting.
Previous USAID experience is preferred.

Education: University degree in Statistics, Environmental/Natural Sciences, Anthropology or similar field where data collection and analysis are fundamental.

Responsibilities: Provide oversight and leadership in the development testing, training and implementation of a variety of data collection tool including mobile data collection.
Ensure that WARIDI technical staff, grantees, partners, and sub-contractors provide timely, accurate and reliable qualitative and quantitative data. Compile and analyze WARIDI results for success stories, reports and presentations. Provide training and capacity building to WARIDI staff and grantees (with association with the Grants Manager) to ensure comprehension compliance of data quality standards


Job Title: Sustainable Finance/PES Specialist 2 Posts –Morogoro and Iringa Office

Experience: Minimum of five years of professional experience in an international donor program setting with relevant experience in sustainable finance and resource management using the payment for ecosystem services (PES)approach. Previous USAID Experience is preferred.

Education: University degree, 'preferably at Masters' level, in business, economics, international development or related field of study.

The Finance/PES Specialist will work with private and public sector entities to develop and implement financing mechanisms for sustainable ecosystem management and use. Work will include assessing feasibility, and developing and testing incentive and sanction structures for more equitable and sustainable resource management using sustainable financing models including payment for ecosystem services (PES) approaches. He/she will be responsible for identifying financing options for sustainable water supply and sanitation provision and broader water resources/watershed management engaging critical stakeholders from community members to policy-makers , and, where applicable, liaising between users of ecosystem services and the providers of these services to facilitate PES programs.


Job Title: Communications/IKMS Specialist (1 post)-Morogoro

Experience: Minimum of 5 years` experience related to media development and communications. Familiarity with developing, implementing and training in Behaviour Change Communications and knowledge-management strategies. Previous experience developing information support systems for a large international donor program is preferred.

Education: University degree, preferably at Masters` level, in journalism, communications, or related discipline.

The Communications/Information and Knowledge Management (IKMS) Specialist will be responsible for the development, management, continuous improvement and expansion of the public outreach and communications function on the project. Work will include the development of a comprehensive communications and outreach plan, and materials to disseminate information about project successes and lessons learned to the media, project partners and stakeholders, and USAID. He/she will conduct or oversee research on issues deemed important to the project (such as in the areas of improved water resource management. Gender, improvement in quality of life, and how the project has affected livelihoods). He/she will develop knowledge management systems for the project to document baseline and improvements in stakeholder knowledge and understanding related to project interventions. Additional tasks include communications quality and compliance to USAID branding and marking requirements.


Job Title: Institutional Support Advisor-(2 post) Morogoro and Iringa Office

Experience: Minimum of five years of professional experience in an international donor program setting with relevant experience providing institutional capacity building support and a relevant technical background in local governance issues.
Previous experience working with Basin Water Offices (RBWOs), Water User Association and/or COWSOs is preferred.

Education: University degree, preferably at Masters' level, in a relevant field such as Environmental Science, Public Health, Urban and Regional Planning, Development Studies, and/or Natural Resource Management.


He/she will provide Institutional capacity support to the River Basin Water Offices (RBWOs), Water User Associations, COWSOs and district government lo create strong and transparent institutions and governance frameworks that enable conflict-free, sustainable, and resilient water use and delivery of services.
The institutional Support Advisor will support the targeted institutions to improve basin-wide water utilization, data collection and decision making through the development of hydro-meteorological, hydrologic, and socioeconomic data collection and management systems.
The Institutional Support Advisor will incorporate technical input from Climate Change Adaptation Specialist to ensure river basin plans resilient to climate change impacts and he/she will work with the Gender and Youth Specialist to ensure awareness/knowledge of gender and youth issues in water management.


Job Title: COWSO Specialist (1 post) -Morogoro

Experience: Five years of professional experience with relevant experience to build the capacity of local governments and Community Owned Water Supply Organizations (COWSOs). Previous experience working in an international donor program selling is preferred.

Education: Bachelor's degree in a relevant field such as Engineering,Environmental Science, Public Health, Urban and Regional Planning, Development Studies, and/or Natural Resource Management.


He/she will build the capacity of local government and COWSOs to plan, execute, and oversee water and sanitation investments. Work with local government entities to develop the most suitable support mechanisms and cost-effective monitoring systems that allow monitoring the functionality of COWSO's and their associated water infrastructures. Additional responsibilities will include collaborating with civil society, community and water user associations to monitor funding, quality, equity and delivery of water services by local government entities.

Furthermore, he/she will support the development of improved procedures and systems for certification of open defecation free (ODF) villages.


Job Title: SBCC Specialist (1 post)- Morogoro

Experience: Minimum of 5 years' experience working in Social and Behavior Change and Communication (SBCC). Experience working in the water and sanitation sector on donor-funded projects, especially with Community Led Total Sanitation (CL TS) is preferable

Education: University degree preferably at Master’s level ,in social sciences, communications, psychology or a related discipline


The SBCC Specialist will work on behavior change strategies and communications to ensure that hygiene and sanitation behaviors are improving and communities achieve Open Defecation Free (ODF)status. He/she will facilitate local government implementation of demand-led CLTS and BCC approaches through the development of multiple versions of CLTS trainings, including trainings tailored to women and youth groups. He/she will analyze & recommend collaborative partnerships to engage social media and innovative
SBCC strategies as well as provide on-going mentoring and training for town/district governments and organizations.


Job Title: Gender and Youth Specialist (1 post)-Morogoro Office

Experience: Minimum of 5 years' experience of gender integration work with NGOs or international organizations, including capacity building on gender and youth empowerment and livelihood development as well as programming tor, or research on, gender-based violence. Experience in gender-sensitive monitoring and evaluation and with integrating gender and youth considerations in the water, agriculture or environmental sectors is preferred. Previous experience work experience with USAID gender and youth programming is also a plus.

Education: University degree, preferably at Masters' level, in the social sciences or related field such as Women's Studies, International Development.


The Gender and Youth Specialist will oversee the development, implementation and monitoring of a project-level gender and youth mainstreaming plan across the project components of water resources
management, agriculture, health, climate change adaptation and the environment. This plan will be developed in collaboration with project senior staff, technical experts and other stakeholders, based on an initial gender assessment. It will include female empowerment strategies and approaches to monitor and mitigate gender-based violence within the project context. As part of the gender and youth mainstreaming plan, the Gender and Youth Specialist will develop and deliver different levels of training and technical assistance to staff, partners and beneficiaries, as well as researching, developing and documenting of best practices in gender-integrated and youth empowerment programming across the project.

How to Apply

Interested and qualified candidates should email the following:-

•    Current curriculum vitae (CV).
•    3 references.
•    A completed (signed/dated) Employee Biographical Data form (can be downloaded from: -17EBD.pdf) and sent to:
Subject of the email should include "WARIDI' and the name of the position applying for. Short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview. Selected candidates will be hired as soon as they are available. Compensation will be commensurate with relevant experience.

Tetra Tech ARD is committed lo diversity and gender equality in all of its operations. We encourage applications from women and underrepresented groups. Tetra Tech ARD is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. Deadline for submission of applications: 22nd February, 2016.

Source: The Guardian 11th February, 2016