Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Nafasi ya Kazi Standard Chartered Bank, Application Deadline 30 Apr 2016

Standard Chartered Bank


To uphold the integrity of the Group's risk/return decisions, and in particular for ensuring that credit risks arising from Retail clients are properly assessed, that risk/return decisions are made transparently on the basis of this proper assessment, and are controlled in accordance with the Group's standards and its Risk Appetite
To ensure the Risk Management Framework and policies are effectively communicated and implemented across the Function and for administering related governance and reporting processesTo exercise credit risk approval authority in the Retail Clients business

Job Title:Country Credit Head

Key Roles and Responsibilities


  • Inform the development of business plans with the provision of cost and impairment forecasts and a balanced judgement on the external environment
  • Contribute to the development of performance management and remuneration processes, in order to encourage the development of an appropriate risk culture and discipline Business
  • Communicate the strategic intent and collective agenda
  • Maintain and develop risk capabilities and skills to meet ongoing business needs and plans
  • Manage the Business Continuity Plan Document and the Business Analysis for the relevant unit Ensure the Call Tree for the relevant Unit is performed accordingly Processes
  • Supervise all processes where a member of the Function is the identified first line process owner
  • Ensure effective management of operational risks within the Function and compliance with applicable internal policies, and external laws and regulations
  • Continuously improve the operational efficiency and effectiveness of risk management processes People and Talent 
  • Employ, engage and retain high quality people
  • Define an organisation structure aligned and scaled to the risk control needs of the Function, balancing Group & local requirements as necessary
  • Set and monitor job descriptions and objectives for direct reports and provide feedback and rewards in line with their performance against those responsibilities and objectives
  • Uphold and reinforce the independence of the Function from those whose primary responsibility is to maximise short-term revenues and profits
  • Ensure the provision of ongoing training and development of the Function's people, and ensure that holders of all critical functions are suitably skilled and qualified for their roles
  • Lead through example and build the appropriate culture and values within the Function and across the wider organisation

Risk Management

  • Assess the credit risk profile of the Retail Clients business and maintain alignment with risk appetite by rebalancing of risks or controls that may be required in response to internal and external factors - Initiate,at least annually and with guidance from Group specialists, a stress test and scenario programme, review the results and assess their implications
  • Initiate stress tests as required by internal and external factor and review results and assess their implications
  • Ensure that effective management response plans are in place to respond to extreme but plausible scenarios
  • Uphold the integrity of risk/return decisions, by challenging business and control function heads to demonstrate that risk origination and control decisions are properly informed and consistent with strategy and risk appetite
  • Direct appropriate response to material events or other risk issues that come to the role holder's attention
  • Ensure risk identification, measurement and modelling capabilities are objective, consistent and compliant with applicable regulations
  • Ensure that material risk exposures and related issues are reported to the responsible governance committees
  • Ensure appropriate judgement is applied in the discharge of risk authorities assigned to the jobholder, taking account of concentration risk across sectors, geographies and markets where applicable. Assign risk authorities to suitable named individuals in line with their skills and judgement
  • Design, maintain and effectively communicate risk control parameters across the Retail Clients business, including policies, control standards, risk exposure limits and other control levers in order to maintain the business's risk profile in line with the Group's risk appetite
  • Maintain a good understanding of the requirements of key external stakeholders in respect of credit risk management and ensure these are well understood internally and reflected in internal procedures
  • Obtain assurance regarding the effectiveness of credit controls and compliance with applicable laws & regulations
  • Actively participate in key committees through standing membership
  • Ensure business and product heads understand and accept their credit risk management responsibilities
  • Maintain an open and cooperative relationship in dealings with regulators

Qualifications and Skills

Market Knowledge: Substantial experience at the highest level in the banking industry, including demonstrated success in a similar role
Business Strategy and Model: Sharp business acumen (including ability to assess risk and appropriate levels of return), strong leadership qualities, excellent interpersonal skills and multi-cultural awareness and sensitivity
Risk Management and Control: Demonstrated track record in successful management and ability to manage risk in geographically dispersed and highly varied product base. Expertise in process design and control
Regulatory Framework and Requirements: Awareness and understanding of the regulatory framework in which the firm operates, and the regulatory requirements and expectations relevant to the role
Non-technical Skills: Significant relationship management experience - with external stakeholders at the most senior levels, including regulators and rating agencies.


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