Saturday, 23 July 2016

Field Supervisor - Sales and Marketing at Gongali Model Co.Ltd


Gongali Model Co. LTD ( is a social enterprise that works with the community to develop and disseminate various appropriate technologies to solve community challenges and bring development. Among the technologies, that we have innovated is an integrated water filtration system with a trademark NanofilterTM. We are currently running a project sponsored by the Government of UK under Human Development Innovation Fund. In this project we vend our filter to local entrepreneurs who filter and sell safe & clean water to their communities at a very cheap price. The company is looking for a suitable candidates for the project who can recruit, install and supervise local entrepreneurs that will be running water stations with NanofilterTM.

Job title: Field supervisor

Job description:
1. Identifying the local entrepreneurs who are willing to establish water stations
2. Training the local entrepreneurs
3. Establish water stations (recruitment, installation, maintenance)
4. To ensure weekly repayment is made through the LIPA Number of Gongali Model
5. To ensure that the local entrepreneurs send their daily report to the central database managed at Nelson Mandela University
6. To submit weekly and monthly reports to the Project Field Coordinator
7. To maintain the smooth operation of water stations under your supervision
8. Marketing and direct sales of Nano filters
9. To attend any other duty assigned by the Project Field Coordinator and the Management of Gongali Model Co.Ltd

a) Education: Any diploma or degree
b) Experience: Skilled in sells & marketing, working with community, vending activities and project supervising

Competitive package connected to achieving the set targets. The more you achieve, the more you earn

Please send your application to; DEADLINE: 25 July 2016

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